Mop Bucket 30 Liters


Mop Bucket 30 Liters

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Compact Mop Bucket with a central partition to avoid water cross-contamination. Made of Polypropylene. A large 30-liter capacity bucket is ideal for mopping large floors. Its ergonomic design reduces the operator’s back strain.


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Features & Specifications:

  • Three Bucket Mopping System is best for Hospital use.
  • It gives a cleaner and better mopping experience to you
  • Use for large business complex, a multiplex, shopping malls, market place, hospitals, schools, or your home, the triple bucket with extra storage capacity is always handy to separate clean water from the dirt and stone.
  • It’s 100% Pure Plastic.
  • Best Price Guaranteed.
  • Eco-Friendly. Material


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