Microfiber Glass/Window Cleaning Cloth

Microfiber Glass/Window Cleaning Cloth

A shiny, cleaner glass is now possible with microfiber glass cloth. Specifically developed for glass cleaning, microfiber yarns help to get seamless results. Microfiber Glass Cleaning Cloth Get a crystal clear, streak-free finish on mirrors, glass, porcelain, and more. The days of dragging around a heavy. The E-Cloth Window Pack quickly and easily cleans all types of windows, including frames and sills, leaving a perfect streak-free, lint-free, finish. Removes 99% of bacteria, all using just water. Wet the waffle-weave Window Cloth with warm water and wring out to remove excess water. Once clean, follow with the dry Glass & Polishing Cloth while the surface is still damp for a crystal clear finish. We recommended folding both cloths like a pad to ensure good contact with the surface and a more thorough clean.



Article #Product DetailsColors Available
41.1500.04MICROFIBER WINDOW/GLASS CLOTH 40X40CM, 200GSMRed, Blue, Green & Yellow
41.1500.04MICROFIBER WINDOW/GLASS CLOTH 40X40CM, 250GSMRed, Blue, Green & Yellow
  • 80% Polyester & 20% Polyamide.
  • 100% Machine washable.
  • Durable, 80 Laundry cycles.
  • Super-soft microfiber cloths are ideal for cleaning, drying, dusting, and polishing within the home, garage, auto, office, and more.
  • Warp knitted microfiber cleaning cloths can attract dust, dirt, and grime and trap particles.


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