Hygienic Trolley

Hygienic Trolley

The Hygienic trolley is ideally adapted for home and business use. It has numerous household cleaning products & industrial areas. HygenicTrolley Wash brings dirt, germs, and bacteria on shopping trolleys to an end.



Storage Hanging BagsThis bag is used to store extra mops or other things for the cleaning.
Storage Hanging Bags This Plastic bucket is used for holding used mops & other cleaning items.
Water handle with Aluminum Mop FrameThe water handle was storage capacity of 600 ml. No need to go back to the tap again & again all. It saves 95% of your valuable time & energy. Aluminum mop frame with two Velcro strings, making it easier to install or remove the mops.
Telescopic Aluminum Handle With Flat Mop Frame Wipe your windows squeaky clean with or cleaning collection of specially built windows. Extendable aluminum handle with flat mop holder allows cleaning of your windows & Glass doors. Where you really cannot quickly touch.
Telescopic Handle Telescopic handles are a perfect quick, simple & effective cleaning solution. Only twisted the handle and change the desired size to match the area or approach of the building. Telescopic handles are ideally suited for cleaning walls, high walls corners, under bed or table surfaces. Manuals are customizable & available in different colors.
ECU Interior Cleaning ProfessionalOur ECU interior cleaning set with microfiber cover is a versatile cleaning tools. When combined with the flexible handle, dust can be removed from anywhere, especially from unattainable surfaces using the 137 cm extendable handle that comes with it. The microfiber duster lightweight nature helps you to clean the harde to reach areas, such as refrigerators, dressers & under sofas.
Microfiber Flat Mop Green (Dry)Microfiber flat mops are of high quality of absorption & provides hygienic cleaning when used with water or washing. Scratch less, germ free fast cleaning where green mop is used on all forms of floors for dry moping.
Microfiber Flat Mop Blue (Wet)Microfiber flat mops have high level of absorption & provides hygienic cleaning when used with water and cleaner. Scratch less, fast cleaning of bacteria free when blue mop is used for wet mopping in all types of floors.
Microfiber Glass Flat Mop Microfiber glass flat mops produces high absorption quality & provides hygienic cleaning for windows & glass doors when used with water. Scratch less & lint free cleaning with microfiber glass flat mop.
Spray BottlesSpecially designed industrial spray head spray bottles for chemical compatibility. Our spray bottles are made from durable material, suitable for commercial & household cleaning.

Features & Specifications:

  • Highest Quality
  • Closed System
  • Recycling
  • Easy to Sue
  • 100% Plastic


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