Green Way Spray Mop


Green Way Spray Mop

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The Greenway Spray Mop Set is the ideal help in your household. This professional Greenway Spray Mop Set set is made up of durable materials i.e. specially designed water handle, Plastic Mop Frame, Microfiber Mops and Spray bottle. Super easy to use and always ready to use. No more lugging with buckets but fast, simple and efficient for your floor both wet and dry. You need a little amount of water inside the water handle and spray on the floor that becomes quickly dry and can be walked on. This saves your time and money. The Mops are made of high-quality microfiber. The quality of microfiber ensures that dirt and grease are absorbed properly. The special Greenway Spray Mop duster has a static effect so that the dust sticks to the cloth.



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