Dry Car Wash System


Dry Car Wash System

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Dry Car Wash includes nano-tech is an environment friendly-orientated waterless cleaning product.

Dry Car Wash is a unique waterless cleaning compound that safely cleans and protects without harming surface paint. Can be applied In direct sunlight.

Just spray away to a perfect high glass shine. Cleans, polishes & protects in one precision process. Can be used virtually anywhere, anytime, on a wet or dry surface.


1. Spray the Quick clean with nano-tech dry wash on the to be treated surfaces; The unique composition of the dry wash with nancHech ensures that any dirt will loosen up from the surface.

2. Once sprayed on the surface, wipe softly with a clean microfiber cloth; wipe without pressure in one direction only to remove the dirt.

3. After removal of the dirt a soft down of natural wax with nano-tech will remain on the treated surface. Take a second clean microfiber towel and polish the light down till a deep shine and protective coating of highest quality appears.




Safety instructions:

  • This Dry Car Wash is created and produced for professionals and consumers Keep out of reach of children.
  • First Aid procedure: when swallowed – do not provoke vomiting but call for direct medical support when inhaled – apply oxygen and call for medical practitioner.
  • Skin contact – wash with soap and fresh water, call for medical help when irritation of skin remains.
  • Eye contact – rinse with large Quantities of fresh water for about 15 minutes and call for direct medical care.
  • So Save Water use Dry Car Wash and prevent car from Rust.


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