Dry Car Wash Kit


Dry Car Wash Kit

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In this Population, your car is the second-largest investment you’ll ever make. It’s important to maintain your car and keep it running its best. It’s also important to keep it looking its best. Greenway Products introduce Dry Car Wash Kit to quick the Car wash without water. This is not a dry car wash machine it is a Dry Car Wash system. We are Best Auto Detailing in Lahore

Dry Car Wash kit is an environment friendly orientated waterless cleaning product. This kit is unique waterless cleaning compound that safely cleans and protects without harming surface paint. Can be applied in direct sunlight. You can search Hand Car wash near me and we are easily identify.

Dry Car Wash Kit Includes:

  • 3*Microfiber cleaning cloths
  • 1*Microfiber Cleaning Glove
  • 1*Microfiber Cleaning Interior and Exterior Shine
  • 1*Bottle 500ml Cleaning Solution


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  • A microfiber cloth to apply the car on the surface without water. A microfiber cloth is suitable for removing the dust, grains, dots and stains.
  • Spray the Quick clean with Nano-tech dry wash on the to be treated surfaces; the unique composition of the dry wash with Nanotech ensures that any dirt will loosen up from the surface.
  • After this Spray, we recommend wiping the surface again with a clean microfiber cloth.
  • When using the cloth, we recommend gently cleaning in one direction without pressing too much. It is best to wipe always in one direction (for example, from right to left).
  • After removal of the dirt, a soft down of natural wax with Nanotech will remain on the treated surface. Take a second clean microfiber towel and polish the light down till a deep shine and protective coating of highest quality appears.

Benefits of Dry Car Washing:

  • Lower environmental impact compared to traditional car washing methods.
  • Wash your car in little space, anywhere, whenever you want
  • Lower water consumption
  • Get shiny surfaces


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