About Us


 Greenway Products (Pvt) Ltd working from last two decades. We are exporting in the world wide specific these countries (Europe, USA & UK). We are worked with some agents & distributors of some leading names in the Cleaning and Services Industry. We are offering the same standard of customer satisfaction and services. Pakistan is among seven most affected countries with global warming and also among top 5 countries to face water scarcity by 2025. Therefore we aim to provide in the Pakistan market with environmentally friendly and sustainable products.

Greenway Products are Cleaning Products and Janitorial Products Company collaborates with different international companies working to counter the global warming impact through a number of purpose-driven products. Dry wash system is first of a kind product for Pakistani market which aims to save 2500 litres of water with a 500ml solution during car wash process. Please remember that we are also able to manufacture customized items of your own choice under your own brand name. Our product line is supported by a high level of responsive customer service as well. Our Company Profile is very good. We have been in the manufacturing and supplying industry for more than 20 years.



“As a Professional cleaning products manufacturing and supplying company. Our vision is first class brand, first class

product, first class quality &first class service from start to end


“To become a symbol of cleaning industry, to meet the customer needs with reliable & technology based equipment’s and innovative ideas of our professionals for clean and healthy environment”


We are committed to provide

  1. Cleaning solutions with quality products/services
  2. On-time supplies
  3. Easy maintenance with back-up supports
  4. Continuous supply of spare parts on low price


“At greenway products, we are committed to delivering quality products that meet and exceed the needs of our customer. As professional manufactured of cleaning materials, we are committed to manufacturing the item that are outstanding in all respect hygienically, as well as achieving optimal results. In addition to delivering the full range of services, our knowledge of business dynamics & patterns help us to predict the changing demands of our customer and proactively deliver the right solution”.


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